Last Wednesday, I hit bottom. That day I realized that for the first time in my life I was suffering from anguish due to stress. Angst because my mood was a continuous rise and fall, literally from the euphoria to cry in 30 seconds and start over. That anguish was born of an informative overdose or disinformation, as you want to see. At that moment I decided that it was time to self-medicate, not with pills, but with habits. I have limited times on social networks, in the morning (quite advised) and late / night where basically what I do is translating comments into EnglishRead More →

      I will do it for you, for those who were, for those who are, for those who someday will be. I will do it for those I love, for those I have loved and for those who one day in the future, may want to cherish me, even if I am only an image in their past. I will do it because of the endemic fear of my parents, who had to fight on all fronts of life to give me a better future than theirs. I will do so because of the convictions of my brothers. I will do it becauseRead More →

It has been too many days that, from time to time, a music comes to my head, is a silent whisper, like those stupid melodies that inadvertently get into your head. Which, at all hours, we believe to hear until we come to sing. When I was a few years old, and I had the heavy burden of adolescence on my back, my favourite singer was not Lluis Llach. He had very beautiful songs, with a lot of feeling, and very deep. But, at that time, I preferred to hear words of love and that made it better by Joan Manuel Serrat. In addition, we had in common the Poble Sec sceneryRead More →

Although I am bit tired of living in a country where, even when you make a belch, you have to justify it, I will. It is not a discovery if I say I do not like CUP party, I will never vote for it because, on many occasions, almost everyone, I disagree with their way of doing. But, another issue is that we would not be where we are without their participation. I can see it, and must people can, also Madrid. It is no coincidence that yesterday, the police team who stands up in front the CUP headquarters was the state police (policia nacional) , formerly known as “theRead More →

The success or failure of the 1st October depends on the importance it has at international level and even more, on the information that Europeans reach about. For this reason today I have decided to translate an interesting article published in La Vanguardia, by  Manuel Castells. Obviously my English is not the best,f its author had written it in English, now I would be talking about something else. But, I think this is one of those essential articles to understand what is happening in Catalonia and Spain, far from radicalism. For this reason, I have translated it, the best I have known. I beg yourRead More →

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