Today there has been a great demonstration in Barcelona, to be precise it is still being celebrated. Great for the reason that originates it, and, as a result of the importance of this, great by the number of participants. I have literally lost count of how many demonstrations have been held in Barcelona, only in the last two months. Organized or spontaneous, promoted by the usual or by others, peaceful or not so much. Today will surely be peaceful, AS ALWAYS and numerous. More or less numerous depending on who makes the accounts and how much, that someone, wants to deceive himself. As a sample, on SeptemberRead More →

Está decidido voy a abrir una nueva sección que sino fuera porque me pisaron el titulo, bien podría llamarse “maldita hemeroteca” pero que lo dejaremos en “Recuerdas cuando…” que pensándolo bien, creo que le va mejor porque no todas las cosas  que nos saltan a los morros desde el pasado son necesariamente malas o olvidables. Por ejemplo este post de hoy  que como ejercicio pre-electoral no está nada mal. Juro que a los posts que incluya en esta sección  no les voy a tocar una coma, hoy: Recuerdas cuando …  hablábamos de ….. 25n elecciones en Catalunya – 1.600.510 no votos  Read More →

I have already decided, I am going to open a new section in this blog. Unfortunately someone already uses the title “damn newspaper library” (in Spain) Then, I will have to settle for “Remember when …”. Thinking well, I believe this title is better because not all things from the past are forgettable. As a sample today’s article, which opens the section, is an article that would be something like a pre-electoral exercise. I promise that the posts that I include in this section, I will not touch a comma. Today: Remember when we talked about…. 25N Elections Catalonia Parliament – 1,600,510 no votes  Read More →

If you search on Google, asking for: “Corruption  in Spain. Likely  you will find headlines like this one:   Lit: Catalonia is the community with the most corruption cases in Spain. This headline, and other similar ones, have the same date January 2017. Looking at the fine print they all refer to the presentation of a “new” data store launched by the president of the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), according to his explanations, this store has the pretension of making known to the citizens the judicial action against this phenomenon, corruption, which he himself qualified as “criminal scourge”. You must bear inRead More →

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