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One of the historical evils of that country called Spain is languages matter, especially English.

The ordinary citizen has the excuse that the Spanish education system and it is no wonder if they continue to reform every four years will be even worse.

I said I reform? Best patch I say, the Spanish education system has so many patches that it begins to resemble the walls of my kitchen that I did not know what else I can hang on to hide the chipped tiles., Excuses.

But there are people who have no excuse.People like all the presidents that Spain has had in the last 37 years (before Franco and he was not speak English). They say that Jose Mari (Aznar) now he speaks English and he is not going around the world making a fool, as in his first lecture at Georgetown. I cannot imagine the money he spent on private lessons, almost as much as personal trainers.

Actually in this country, only speak well English, Esperanza Aguirre, who went to private schools and later she married a man with a noble title. De Guindos also speaks well English, but he better not talk because every time he speaks, either in Spanish or Prussian, the risk premium shoots up. The King even speak it well, but the Queen speaks better. Jordi Pujol, who was president of the Generalitat speaks well English also Germa. The current president of the Generalitat de Catalunya Artur Mas also speaks. I already know what most people speak well, but few of really important. That’s a shame because Mariano will not understand anything about what they say in this interesting video published by the Financial Times.


Do not worry Mr. President. In a moment, with only one image I will do a summary.


A, cannot you see it well? One moment please while I expand on the image


Well that’s it, the letters are not very good because it’s a screenshot, but only in order to help you, the orange bar corresponds to Catalonia data, and the red one corresponds to “Spain ex-Catalonia ” (they have written so, I have nothing to do)

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