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Yo nací con la primavera y este año la primera felicitación, la primera, me ha llegado de muy lejos de Canada en forma de fotografia, esa maravilla de ahí arriba.

Su autora es Kate “mi amiga canadiense”.
Quizá porque vive en una país de grandes paisajes y grandes frios, Kate sabe valorar como pocos la belleza de las cosas pequeñas especialmente las flores.
Si hacéis click en las fotos de aquí abajo asistereis a un gran espectaculo, las fotos de Kate.

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Y esta es la música que he elegido para ella, espero que le guste.


  1. Flickr: Got-U

    Bravo Amiga this is beautiful~

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  2. Flickr: southwest girl

    oh kate so good to see you post, this is absolutely so very beautiful and a wonderful tribute to your friend. a soft and feminine image, so beautifully shot, i absolutely love it. you are so sweet. hope all is well my friend:0))))) hugs.

  3. Flickr: iCamPix.Net

    nice shot, excellent composition and details, well done my friend… enjoy your weekend

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  4. Flickr: yannth2

    beautiful work!

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  5. Flickr: JenDarling1010

    how has your week been Ms. Kate?? what a gorgeous close up, they form a perfect heart, beautiful just like you, the background is divine, I hope the weather has been treating you a bit nicer! how’s your son adjusting to the braces?

  6. Flickr: justice4sas(away!)

    Congratulations Kate, It’s finally Spring!!! This is a stunnig, very springy image!!!!! Love the Pastels and the composition of the tulips.
    The bokeh is amazing! What a sweet birthday dedication to your friend! Have a great weekend! Hugssssss xoxoxoxo

  7. Flickr: Yobs

    Don’t know how warm it is there yet, but I bet you’re happy to see the calendar strike "spring"…absolutely love the colors here Kate, just gorgeous…I hope you are well!

  8. Flickr: El2deepblue (vacation)

    A fantastic creation, Kate.
    These two tulips in "fresh" Spring-Colours are so
    lovely. The background fits wonderful – like always.
    What a great Birthday-present for your friend:)

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  9. Flickr: Vie Lipowski

    Solid capture with delicate colours and exquisite composition.
    Beautiful amount of softness and great shallow depth.
    Excellent work, Kate.
    Glad to see you back.
    Sending you a bunch of hugs for the weekend…

  10. Flickr: sunshadows

    two tall pink tulips
    standing, touching side by side
    friends in the springtime!

    a great present!

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    *Please tag with BEJ*

  11. Flickr: Sonja_za

    This is so lovely, Kate.
    I love the soft colours. Beautiful Macro.
    Happy Birthday to Estrella – what a lovely wish!
    Hope you have a lovely Friday – my weekend’s just starting.

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