Riviera Maya


I definitely do not like that name. It sounds like a tour package, a coach with a guide, a “everything included” bracelet

And so it is for a large number of people who visit Riviera Maya

As soon as you land at the airport, you will be loaded onto a bus where a guide will tell you one and a thousand times: Tomorrow at 11.45, I’ll wait for you in the resort lobby. It’s very important. Don’t forget

option a) He will confirm the return tickets,

option b) He will talk about the resort running, about the thousands activities that can take place there, as : tai-chi, paragliding, dance classes, hair braid course. 

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However, he has a single goal.To get you hire as many excursions as possible: Xcaret, Tulum, Shopping in Playa del Carmen, hopefully a Cenote and for the brave Chichén-itzá.

Tourists from USA or Canada, there aren’t good customers. They have just left behind the gray sky and the cold air of their countries and they are only interested in the open buffet, the wet-bar and the mojitos. Especially the latter.

However, the guide is there to get clients and he will not hesitate to use all the resources at his disposal.

This road is one of the most dangerous in the world, says

On my first visit to Riviera Maya, due to ignorance, I attended the “meeting” and the young man insisted so much on the supposed dangers, that  I began to think if it would have been a good idea to rent a car.

Well, it was.

That’s how I got to see little bits of paradise like the ones you can see in the pictures.

Because between resort and resort, there are a lot. From time to time a narrow passage opens between bars and mangroves and at the end with a bit of luck you can find dream beaches.

Quintana Roo, its real name, is a region in which it is easy to get lost, or to be lost.

I hope to come back soon.

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