This post has originally published in May 2014 since then things have changed, however, not always to the best. Now I recover it because I think it illustrates so well one of the details that are usually overlooked especially beyond the Pyrenees. The original title was:   European elections – What has happened in Catalonia? I was not planning to discuss yesterday’s elections, but thinking about my daughter, who lives in the UK and bearing in mind that the UK newspapers will be very busy with their own results, and that the BBC will spend no more than five minutes talking about the results in Europe andRead More →

The path of freedom is not always easy. However, when it is done with so many people it’s always nice. The performance of the National Court has come at a time where someone may have thought that it could be a determining factor to overturn the will of a people expressed in the ballot box. Spain has rejected the paths of politics and dialogue a thousand times. Today, the Spanish government has rejected the invitation of President Puigdemont to give an opportunity for dialogue in the next two months. Spain is a strong State and has all the mechanisms of power to try to impose its truth. WeRead More →

  Today, in the account of Manuel Huerga in Facebook, I found this compilation  of “amorous” sentences dedicated to Catalunya from XVII Century, that I wanna share with you. AUTHOR: JOSEP MIQUEL BAUSSET, Monk of the Monastery of Montserrat. ‘As long as there is only one Catalan in Catalonia, and stones in the deserted fields, we must have enemies and war.’ (Francisco de Quevedo, 1640) ‘We must reduce Catalonia to Castilian customs and traditions. (Conde-Duque de Olivares, 1641) Books in Catalan should not be allowed in schools. Neither write nor speak in that language and that Christian doctrine must be learned in Castillian (Spanish) FelipeRead More →

Today  Spanish media battle is focused on Catalan school, with the false argument that in Catalonia children are manipulated, in addition to the usual and tiring argument that in Catalonia the Spanish is marginalized from school. With reference to this last point I will only expose the data.   This is the average qualification referring to Spanish language in qualifying test for university entrance 2016 – Madrid: 6.11 – Spanish Average Grade: 6.37 – Catalunya: 6.47   Referring to children manipulation, I wanna to share some samples with you. In my opinion it is not the same to dress a boy as a civil guard (a debatable taste)Read More →

In my attempt to make you reach the Spanish reality today I use a tweet published by @madodeley shared by my friend @operaminora. @madodeley  said: Same problem. Different communicative sensitivity. In my opinion, he is excessively polite @madodeley is referring to the text inserted in these  images. Both referring to bullying. The first one by the Catalan police. The second by Spanish Police. (Since the first of October popularly known as the Twee-ties, at least in Catalonia) Teachers help you train, always respect them, and if you suffer bullying, talk to them to solve it. And this   And this is the Spanish view of theRead More →

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New Book on Amazon – only available in Spanish or Catalan

LA TRASTIENDA only in Catalan or Spanish

Only available in Spanish or Catalan. BARCELONA EN GUERRA. Este podría haber sido un buen título para este libro. Pero, aun siendo la ciudad parte fundamental de la historia, plenamente reconocible en sus calles y comercios, aun así, su papel seguiría siendo el de mero escenario, por el que deambulan los verdaderos protagonistas. Gente sencilla que no sabe de banderas ni ideales, gente sin tiempo ni lugar porque sus vidas, por sencillas, son universales.
A ellos les tocó vivir un tiempo tan extraordinario como cruel, un tiempo que muy probablemente hubieran preferido no tener que vivir, o vivirlo de otra manera.
Ellos a la vida solo le pedían cosas tan simples pero en ocasiones tan difíciles, como pasear por la calle del brazo de la persona amada, poder sentarse a la mesa junto a su familia y tener algo que poner en ella o poder poner a sus hijos a dormir, sabiendo que las bombas no perturbarán su descanso.
Los protagonistas de esta historia, de cuyas experiencias reales se nutre este libro, son parte de aquellos cobardes que, desde la trastienda de la historia, lograron sobrevivir a una guerra sangrienta y a una paz con sabor de venganza.


A veces pienso si sabría vivir sin música… por si acaso seguiré escuchandolaRead More →